June 19, 2024

Cybersecurity in the cloud

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Cybersecurity in the cloud

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Experts praise the advantages of the cloud, especially for small businesses, but remember that security must not be forgotten

The cloud or cloud computing is a large network of connected remote servers around the world, so that the information that is uploaded is available from any point where the user is and whenever he needs it. Many say that after the Internet and mobile devices, the cloud is the technology that has made our lives easier. The truth is that in the era of digital transformation, many companies have seen how thanks to the cloud they have been able to move forward without major investments.

“There are businesses that need to have data or services offered online, but cannot be spent on servers,” so all those services or data moves them to the cloud becoming a solution to “ run without spending a lot of money,” recalls José Antonio Rubio , Doctor Cybersecurity Engineer from the URJC.

This is recognized by Juan Miguel Velasco, CEO of Aiuken Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing. “When I created the company, after more than twenty years in Telefónica carrying cybersecurity, I would not have had the capital to start a company of this size” if I had not resorted to the cloud. “I could start providing services because I didn’t have to invest in buying servers, or data centers, etc.”

According to Velasco the cloud is very varied . “It is not the same a small company that wants to store the data, we are familiar with some brands of cloud storage, that those who want to do business, start making interactions, such as selling online.” And since the cloud has become so fundamental for many, individuals or businessmen, it is important that we do not forget the security of what we store there or the services we offer from it. Velasco remembers you have to work on your protection. Where they are, how they circulate and how they are encrypted . “You have to see the importance of the data, when we are going to use it and its life cycle. Then we will guide the protection how we upload it, how we save it and recover it safely. ”

Cybersecurity Investment

Thus, this expert is clear and recommends that the “minimum that an SME has to invest in cybersecurity when setting up an online system is 10% . If you don’t spend 10% on security on everything you spend on the Internet , you’re not doing well and you’re at risk. ”

And protection must also take into account, which are the most frequent cyber attacks. One of them is through email . “Mail is the first service in which you must invest to protect it” and avoid phishing , so the order of the day. Electronic transactions also suffer attacks , either through email or the low security of the website, “in which we usually invest more in the image and graphics than in security.”

Authentication in access to services or data is another fundamental element in cybersecurity, according to Velasco who advises double authentication. Remember that we can use free apps that have an interface with our applications to prevent the access credentials of gmail, dropbox, facebook … “I always recommend that everyone download a double factor authentication tool. With this one, someone who has my gmail password, for example, could not enter, so it is essential and they are free ”.

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