June 19, 2024

Best VPN for MS Windows 7, 8, 10

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Best VPN for windows

What is the best VPN 2020 for Windows? We would like our readers to choose the best software for Windows through our review, which will help you determine which VPN service provider is the most popular and which offers the most comprehensive package for Windows users.

During our testing phase, we found several service providers that offer a good platform for the Windows operating system, but we would like you, the user, to be able to choose the one that you think deserves a special mention in this category. of price. We believe that only a serious Windows VPN user will be in the best position to properly analyze and craft a review about the best VPN for Windows.

The best VPN for Windows

Windows is indeed the most popular operating system and is used by over 90% of PC and laptop users combined. So, it is only natural for us to find the best VPN for Windows that works flawlessly and gives users the best experience.

There are a lot of service providers, and new ones are being launched at an alarming rate every day. It is a tradition for every company to create a default application for Windows. After all, the chances are great that the majority of their users will be launching a VPN app on a Windows device. there is also another reason why most companies choose to ignore the development of dedicated platforms for other operating systems.

We’ve put together a list of nominees who we think offer the most secure VPN services for Windows. In choosing the nominees for Windows, we placed great emphasis on the general design, ease of use, the many features offered, compatibility with Windows, ease of selecting options, the reliability and effectiveness of data encryption.

We were also concerned about VPN dialers malfunctioning that can reveal the original IP address, during a connection interruption. This is a serious question that only some VPN companies try to resolve. Thus, our list of nominees is made up of companies that have built-in settings for disconnecting a computer from the network, as soon as a connection drop is detected.

The best 5 VPN services for Windows 2020


NordVPN always leading the way, when it comes to a full package for the Windows platform. With an excellent VPN platform, which works perfectly with the Windows operating system, NordVPN offers the best VPN features in the business. In addition, NordVPN has already proven itself to be a standard benchmark that other companies should follow.


A company that seeks to please its users, iNinja has a very easy-to-use VPN application available for the Windows platform. In fact, iNinja focuses most of its efforts to improve its software, which makes this company one of the top picks on our nominees’ list. iNinja is also one of the few companies that take their customer’s requirements very seriously.


Leading the way for other big companies in the field, this relatively young company has captured a significant share of the market, thanks to its excellent VPN service and a dedicated Windows platform. IPVanish has one of the best software for Windows platforms because it is intuitive and easy to use. IPVanish certainly leads the way when it comes to VPN features offered and their platform for Windows makes things a lot more appealing.


VyprVPN is definitely one of the fastest service providers out there, and their Windows platform is one of the best in the business. It is extremely simple and works quietly in the background. VyprVPN is also one of the few companies to have a dedicated VPN platform in place for other operating systems. This describes the design and development prowess of VyprVPN, which mirrors the way the VPN platform for Windows works.


ExpressVPN is another VPN service provider that has created a great VPN app for Windows. The platform is really easy to use, and all the features are one click away. When it comes to their VPN service, it is reliable and will do just fine. While ExpressVPN cannot boast of a unique feature specific to their service, each of their VPN features, along with their excellent Windows platform, match the end-user requirements, which gives it a place on this list of nominees.

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