June 18, 2024

How to get young people to have safe habits on the Internet

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cloud computing logistics 2017 1000x640

They are a generation born with new technologies and to be educated to know the digital risks and prevent them

Many of the teenagers and young people “do not have the devices prepared, do not have the necessary knowledge, nor the awareness of the risk of being hyperconnected . ” This is how the problem is defined by Juan Luis Rubio, Vice Chancellor of the University and Business of UDIMA, who recognizes that those born in the digital age take on new technologies with enthusiasm and without being aware of the personal risks that may run in them, so they do not They take action on this. In this same sense, José Antonio Rubio, PhD Engineer in Cybersecurity from the URJC, who also emphasizes the “logical ignorance, lack of training and the courage of youth.”

Therefore, Juan Luis Rubio, believes it necessary to ensure that they have safe attitudes and habits in their management on the Internet, something that pivots, he says, in three vectors: training, awareness and education.


“Young people are in social networks, using applications, etc. and yet, from the schools or institutes they are not provided with the necessary tools to do it safely. We educate them in mathematics, language, English … but it is not given enough importance to learn what is necessary to function safely in the network, ”he says.

Remember that there are many cybersecurity issues in many environments such as financial, healthcare, business … but in schools and institutes little is said about it, in any case without an “ad hoc” training plan. The youngest do not perceive the risk that in principle, it is not physical, but that “they enter the device and can know who I am, where I move, who I contact, what time I go home …” That They do not have a sense of risk because they are not aware that this could happen, something that leads them to assume many more risks than necessary . Rubio puts as an example the installation of an App. “They accept clauses when installing them, without being aware of what they are accepting. This exposes them to ahigh risk situation , without knowing what could happen to them in the future if someone makes use of these vulnerabilities in their devices. In the long term they may be subject to sextorsion, harassment , pedophiles… ”

The education

That is why Rubio believes that it would be necessary to contact all the parties that design the training programs in the educational centers so that they assume the need for a subject on cybersecurity and safe use of technological devices. “We do not realize that young people are developing in a technological mute for which we are not preparing them.”


Training and education entails awareness of risks and allows better and greater enjoyment of technologies. In addition, to know these dangers you have to know how to protect yourself, it is not a matter of not being in the network. “If I take the appropriate measures with my devices or with the apps I use, I will be on the Internet in a safe way,” he says.

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