June 19, 2024

Less than 1% of attacks are carried out without the user doing something

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When we surf the web we can be victims of multiple attacks that put our security and privacy at risk. There are many strategies that hackers can carry out. However, as this report demonstrates, as we echo, the vast majority of attacks can be avoided. Less than 1% of all cyber attacks do not require user interaction.

Almost all cyber attacks require user interaction

This is demonstrated by the latest Proofpoint report. They ensure that less than 1% of all attacks do not require action by the victim. That is to say, we can indicate that practically all of the attacks will require user interaction. This has its positive side, but also the negative and that makes us reflect.

If we talk about the positive, it is clear that as long as users do not intervene, do not interact negatively, hackers have a hard time carrying out their attacks. The problem is that, as we can imagine, many users interact and make mistakes. This indicates that there is much to improve.

The researchers indicate that instead of attacking systems and infrastructures, mainly the attacks are directed at the user.

They also report that much of these attacks are based on phishing. Email is a widely used tool to reach the victim. They send messages for users to make mistakes that are necessary to succeed. For example Phishing attacks, where hackers seek to obtain the credentials and passwords of the victims.

They use social engineering to achieve greater success. They look for ways to trick the victim into downloading software that has been maliciously modified, access a certain link or open an email.

What should we do to protect ourselves

We have seen that most attacks, especially those that arrive through e-mail, require user interaction. Therefore the main thing to protect ourselves is to always have common sense. It is vital that we do not access links that we receive through unknown emails or that may be suspicious. The same must also be applied when downloading programs or files. Always do it from official sites.

Something vital is to protect our passwords and never access from insecure sites. In many cases the goal of cybercriminals is to achieve the credentials and keys of the victims.Thus they could have total control over their accounts and also over the equipment.

On the other hand, it is essential to have security software. It is a way to protect ourselves and detect malware that may jeopardize the proper functioning of our computers. A good antivirus can save us from problems.

In the same way we must always have the latest updates and patches installed. Sometimes vulnerabilities may arise that compromise the security of the equipment. It is essential to always have the latest versions installed and thus prevent them from using certain vulnerabilities.

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